Photograms of Insects

Following on from an earlier blog post I have carried on an idea, which has led me to create this new series of photograms (shown below). It was inspired by the photograph below it. This photograph had reminded me of the way in which homosexuals are portrayed within Russian society. Being an inconvenient pest, that are treated poorly and have very little rights.

Insect Grid

Lee Hassall Image 1The reason for choosing to create photograms is because I feel it offers more of an objective representation of the subject, free from a photographers vision. It’s a lot simpler and standardised in how it is represented.

Gerry Badger describes the photogram as being both “figurative and abstract at the same time”. What seems like a contradictory statement actually makes sense. The forms of the subjects depicted in the photograms are familiar to real life objects that we can recognise as being insects, yet the harshly contrasted black and white aesthetic of the photograms are far from being realistic.

This departure from a photographers interpretation of the subjects, I believe offers more of a clinical distant view of the subject. Whereas the photograph below the photograms provokes more of an emotion out of the viewer; it appears sad, isolated and insignificant, which I don’t get as a reading from the photograms.

The photogram and the photograph offer different things, which I want both of in my final piece. I want the objective, universally recognisability of the photogram and I want the emotional reaction you can get from a photograph. It is because of this I am now starting to consider exhibiting a mixture of photograms and photographs in my final piece.