Degree Show Opening Night

Degree Show DisplayOn our opening night of the degree show I had received some interest regarding my work. Some just general questions and I had a couple of discussions around the theme of it. But I was surprised to speak to a curator I had worked with previously, not knowing he would be turning up to the exhibition. Two years ago I featured in the 2012 Daegu Photography Biennale, in the young international photographers exhibition. The curator who had selected me to be in this exhibition appeared at the exhibition and seeing as I had only ever corresponded with him via email before it was nice to be able to put a face to the name.

When speaking to him he told me he liked my work and would be interested in potentially exhibiting it in the future. He will be traveling home to South Korea next year where he will be curating two exhibitions and wants to consider me for both of them. We had traded contact details and I intend on contacting him to follow up on this opportunity, but also to keep the lines of communication open as I am aware the exhibition isn’t in the near future.

photo(3)At a later point in the evening it had come to my attention that someone had placed an application form next to my work for ‘New Arts West Midlands’. Which I am taking as a subtle hint to apply, but this has also given me the inspiration to seek out other competitions and to contact curators and galleries. The interest that has been shown in my work from this opening night has given me the motivation to try and get my work into other galleries. But if I am going to do this I need to carry on and develop my work even further. I already have ideas of where to carry on and I would be interested in further developing the photogram series. Seeing them mounted and exhibited as they are encourages me to produce more.


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