Degree Show

Contribution Form

For the degree show I have predominantly been involved in the curatorial team. We met up on a weekly basis for the four weeks running up to the exhibition. These meetings involved organising various aspects of the layout of the exhibition from who’s work goes next to each and making a decision as to where to construct walls.

I took part in calculating the amount of wall space we had available in the gallery and weighing this up against individual requirements. From an early stage in the meetings we came to a mutual agreement that the amount of wall space everyone was requesting was not possible to facilitate. So I liaised with the group asking everyone to reconsider the amount of space they needed and created a google document for everyone to input their revised wall space requirements.

Once we had collected this information from the group we began to plan where everyone would be placed within the gallery. We visited the gallery, which helped to inform our decision making on where to build the extra walls and decided that between the pillars would be the most efficient, as this would not take up unnecessary floor space.

After coming up with an initial layout plan I helped gather visuals of everyone’s work and place them within the 3-D model so we could better visualise who’s work would work well together. At this point there wasn’t much more to be done in terms of planning ahead for the layout, but we were comfortable with the knowledge we would have enough wall space in the gallery and the arrangement of works could be adjusted during install week.

During install week I assisted several people with the mounting of their work. This involved helping to decide on sequencing of photographs, mounting text panels onto foam board and fixing work to the wall. I also helped out where I could such as sticking the vinyl to the window and general cleaning around the gallery before opening night.


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