Arizona: Religious Freedom Bill

Recently in Arizona a bill was passed that would allow business owners to refuse service to gay people, on the grounds of religious belief. The bill was proposed as a way to protect anyones religious liberty. That being said there is not one case, within Arizona, where a business owners religious rights have been challenged in this way.

The video below shows an interview between Anderson Cooper and an Arizona Senator (Al Melvin). Melvin fails to come up with one case in which a business owners religious freedom has come under attack. He claims that the bill is pre-emptive, because of cases which have happened in other states. For example photographers have been sued for refusing to photograph at a gay wedding. But Cooper points out how unnecessary this bill is, as there are no laws within Arizona that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. When the Arizona Senate is questioned about this he fails to answer why they feel the need to re-affirm a right that can not come under threat in the first place.

Not only is unnecessary the bill appears that it could also affect Arizona’s economy. It has been reported on the sports illustrated website that the NFL are considering relocating out of Arizona for the next season, in response to this anti gay law and have already begun investigating the first steps in making it happen.

As the bill is unjustified and it could drastically affect the economy, Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the anti-gay bill after realising the damage it could do.


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