Phonar: Promotional Video

I was asked by the Cheshire Academy of Performing Arts to make a promotional video. It had to show the variety of skills they teach, from singing to dancing and acting, keeping it energetic and fun to watch. The day of filming I went in with the intention to gather as much material of classes in progress as possible, so that when it came to editing I could chop between shots in order to keep the pace up and prevent a boring viewing experience. I gathered a few interviews with the teachers and some of the children to give the viewer information about the academy in an interesting way.

I was requested to use some current pop music in the video, which is why I used Katy Perry’s “Roar” and I think it does keep the video energetic and interesting to watch to some extent. Looking back on it I think some more natural sounds could have been used and it appears that I’ve used the music as a safety net. I worked with a bit of my own audio for the interviews and think I was successful with the editing of that, but if I had used more of my own sound recordings from the classrooms I could have created a more engaging video.


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