Phonar Pitch & Post Photographic Portrait

Phonar Pitch

“The era of the aids epedemic highlighted how segregated the gay community was from the rest of society. It was a wake up call that told gay and lesbian people they needed connections with the wider world, such as medical help, civic and political support…

With a new generation currently defining a new era for gay culture, what has it evolved into? The fear, grief and struggles of generations past remains with them – what are todays issues or are the same ones destined to repeat themselves?”

Post Photographic Portrait

For this post photographic portrait I have created a website, that groups together projects that explore the issues that are raised in my research. What I have realised from further researching into the topic of gay culture is that I have been struggling to come to a conclusion. So rather than force one, I thought a more appropriate outlet would be to host a series of projects on one site.

The website I have created (link below) is dedicated to exploring the key issues that arise out of this topic. The description on the ‘about’ page is the phonar pitch, which I see as a mission statement for the project. It will tie together the bodies of work that already exist on the website, as well as future ones to come.

The reason for creating a website, rather than another format is because I didn’t want to dictate the pace of the viewer experiencing the work. A video would have only allowed the viewing to happen for a certain length of time, where as I believe the work I produced would be more appropriately experienced at the viewers discretion. The work also needs some context given to it, so the about page and blurb pages before seeing the bodies of work give the information that is needed.

The two bodies of work found on the website are titled ‘The Village’ & ‘Raised Within The Majority’.

‘The Village’ explores the idea of the gay districts (sometimes refereed to as the ‘gay village’) acting as a retreat for the gay community from the wider society. The rural landscape is used as a metaphor for the isolation and separation gay districts can create.

‘Raised Within The Majority’ is a series of images I have constructed out of old images of mine, that were never intended for this purpose. It’s about how LGB people as a minority grow up within the homes of the straight families (the majority) and what effects this can have on identity.

I am pleased with the outcome of the work, I believe it communicates the issues raised within my research effectively. For the gif files in ‘The Village’ a website seems almost organic as platform to present the work, so the method in which I presented them definately enhances them.


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