Notes for Post Photographic Portrait

Both these sources address the topic of educating people at a young age, in order to tackle homophobia and create more of an inclusive society.


“BBC Told to Put More Gay People on Children’s TV”  – Victoria Ward

By including LGB’s in children’s TV it would “familiarise audiences through incidental portrayal from an early age.” The article doesn’t mention anything about tackling stereotypes. Also how can the media make the audience aware of the sexual orientation of its characters without making the fact they are gay the main plot? Incidentally making a ‘drama’ out of that can make it appear abnormal.

A report carried by the BBC surveying 3 500 BBC Viewers says:

  • half the population are comfortable with the portrayal of LGB’s on TV
  • Approximately 15% aren’t comfortable
  • The rest had no strong views
  • 1 in 4 men believe theres to much gay representation
  • LGB interviewees said that ‘the media play a critical role in educating wider society’

“Challenging Homophobic Language”

Phrases “you’re so gay” “thats so gay” are often used in schools as insults. School staff lack the support and confidence to tackle homophobic bullying and worry they don’t have time to challenge every instance of homophobic language. 9 out of 10 teachers in both primary & secondary school admit having had no training to tackle homophobic bullying.

“Regardless of the lack of deliberate intent, these terms liken gay to something that’s bad, wrong or inferior.”

“When homophobic behaviour and language go unchallenged a culture of homophobia is created and can impact on young peoples sense of belonging, self-esteem and attainment at school.”






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