Alienated Sensory Mashup

“Working in pairs if possible name yourselves “Eyes” and “Ears”. Ears is equipped with sound recording equipment (your phone will be more than adequate) and blindfolded. Eyes will lead Ears on a guided journey through a range of different environments. Ears will dictate the pace of the journey and say when they want to stop and make dedicated “sound-mark” recordings.”

For this task I chose to be the ears. I thought rather than experience the task in a way im already familiar with (photographically) I would take myself out of my comfort zone and record the audio. Although I have had some experience recording audio before its nothing I’ve ever considered much, it’s always been a secondary tool whilst recording movie image.

To begin with I found myself recording generic sounds of traffic and footsteps along a pavement, but soon realised that these sounds didn’t really tell the audience much about the location, as they could have been sounds from numerous locations. After realising this I began to seek out specific soundscapes that were more unique to the site we were on.

I must consider the use of audio in my future tasks, as I can see how useful it can be as a tool to create an immersive, more interesting narrative for a viewer to follow.


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