Transformative Storytelling

This is a story about longing for something you’ve never had.

I wanted to create a photographic piece which communicated the idea that a virtual representation can create a desire for something yet leave you unfulfilled. Using this link from the guardian website I was able to locate several destinations that are considered desirable and search for them on google earth.

When researching this idea of longing for something I came across a word, ‘Saudade’ a Portuguese word that has no direct translation into english. It is defined as describing “a feeling of nostalgia, a longing for a person (or a thing) that is distant now, unreachable”. Although this word refers to longing for an object you once had I thought of how a digital representation of something can create a desirability for that thing you have never had. For this piece I have chosen locations thought of as paradises and by viewing them through satellite imagery the viewer is conflicted with this paradox of feeling close to the subject yet distant at the same time.

Transformative Storytelling from Lee Hassall on Vimeo.


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