Momentum: Alejandro Guijarro

“The main concern of my work is questioning the relationship between photography and reality, between photographic representation and the object itself.” – Quote from British Journal of Photography

Momentum 1

Momentum 3

Momentum 2

Alejandro Guijarro’s body of work ‘Momentum’ is a series of photographs taken from various institutions that specialise in quantum mechanics. He specifically photographed the blackboards he came across whilst on his visits, using a large format camera so that he could print the images to the same size as the original subject. Guijarro wanted to mimic the reality of the blackboards as best he could by leaving out the edges of the board outside of the frame. This creates the illusion once they are printed and displayed in the gallery that they are the real artefact, the only give away being that once you view the photographs from the side you can see the paper material they are printed on.

I believe this body of work is subversive as it questions photography’s ability to represent reality. By deceiving the viewer into believing this is the original artefact it awakens them to the realisation that a photograph can only mimic real life. This concept is echoed by the subject matter within these photographs, the equations written on the blackboards are another way of representing reality. So by presenting these multiple ways of perceiving the world Guijarros is questioning the relationship between the photograph, reality and representation.


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