Picbod Exhibition: Professional Practice

For the end of our picbod module we decided as a class to have an exhibition of all our work we have produced for the assignment. The exhibition was not a requirement of the module but we decided that creating an exhibition would be a very valuable experience. Teams were assigned in the class to be in charge of different aspects of the exhibition such as marketing and fund raising. I wasn’t around during this discussion and didn’t fall into a set team but was at hand to help through several aspects of the organisation and delivery of the exhibition.

A few of us decided that we would like a DJ at the venue and once it was ran past the group everyone was on board with the idea. I went ahead in organising a DJ for the night and had a meeting with him to discus the music that would be played and to make sure he understood the tone of the event. There were the odd concerns about having a DJ would create a nightclub type atmosphere, but the DJ understood that wasn’t what we wanted.

We wanted to try and get people from outside of the university to attend so I had assisted Kate in putting together a press pack to be sent to out, as well as sending out invites to university staff and students.

I had worked as part of a small team to organise the layout of the work in the venue, having had visited the space before I had a general idea of how work could be arranged. This layout was so that we had a general idea where works were going when it came to installing them.  We understood when it came time to do it that works would probably be moved but we had to come up with a plan to start with so that we had something to work with once we got in the space. Once we were in the venue I helped out with installing a few peoples work as I felt comfortable handling artwork after my experience with Frame.




Floor Plan

This has been such a valuable experience having had taken part and been involved in the production of an exhibition from start to finish. My time with Frame and Ikon have helped with the organising of this exhibition but at those placements I only got to observe certain aspects of the production of an exhibition, but with this experience I got to play more of an active role.




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