Profesional Practice: Ikon

This week I was helping Emma from the learning team put together a showcase exhibition of a project that has been ongoing over the past few months. The project has been a conversation between different European countries, with groups from each country responding and producing artwork to each others work. Having been involved with this curation process previously on this placement I was familiar with what needed to be done, meaning that I felt more comfortable to take more of an active role. At the beginning it was a case of getting all the work out, which was far to much to be shown in the space we had available, so it became an editing down process. This was based off what we felt was the best work to show as well as what more clearly represented the concept of the project. The conversations later moved on to deciding potential layouts.

I was quite happy to get another chance to take part in curating an exhibition on this placement, as it meant I could draw on my previous experience. Also with it being later on in the placement process I felt more confident and comfortable to take on a more active role.

Later on in the evening Ikon were holding an event in their second floor gallery, which was a talk about Brindley Place, to honour Ikon’s 15 years of being there. Myself and Kate had been asked previously if we could document the talk by filming it. We had discussed before hand a plan of action for the event and decided on the equipment we would need and the set up for recording. As it was a talk among 3 people in front of an audience we decided on a very basic set up of 2 cameras at different vantage points to cut between during editing. Not having had a lot of experience acting as a videographer I was quite glad to have Kate involved to take part in the planning and producing of the video. But after the experience I had definitely gained more of an understanding for the technical side of filming and it developed my skills acting as a freelancer.




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