Profesional Practice: Ikon

This week I went in was the install week of the new exhibition for John Flaxman and Timur Novikov, which meant the gallery would be closed off from the public. Because there was just a week to go before the gallery would re-open for the new exhibition the marketing team had to create an excitement, so I was asked to take some photographs of the install process. These photographs would be used via their social networking profiles on Facebook and twitter, as the gallery was closed they felt it was important to keep there visitors involved in some way. I found it a bit difficult to photograph the install process as there were very few works at the gallery, most would be delivered the next day. This meant I was limited in what to show, so I chose something to focus on which were the facilities team fixing in shelves and tweaking the lighting. I found this to be a problem as well as there were very few people around working within the actual gallery space. I found this to be an interesting learning curve as I had very little to go with, in terms of subject matters to photograph and the direction from the marketing team was minimal, so I had to exercise my creative thinking ability in order to get through this task.

The following week was the launch of the new exhibition, the gallery would be opening to the public at 6 for the private viewing, which I was asked to stick around for to document  by acting as photographer for the event. I have found that over my time with frame_ and Ikon so far that I have become a lot more confident and comfortable carrying out these kind of tasks. During the day before the gallery was opened Ikon hosted a lunch in their cafe, which people involved in the exhibition outside of the Ikon team were invited to. Due to a last minute cancelation a space opened up at the lunch meaning I had the opportunity to go along. I found this to be a very valuable experience as I became more familiar with the process of networking and it it was a great exercise of my interpersonal skills, I find being in these situations really force me to be aware of how I present myself and communicate.

On the night of the private viewing I found the task o photographing the event quite enjoyable as I feel I well practiced at the process now and I am happy with the outcome.









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