Professional Practice: Frame_ #4

Launch Parties: There were two launch parties for the Frame_ project, the first was exclusively for people directly involved with the project (artists, venue hosts) and the second was open to the public. At both Elly gave a speech to clarify the aims of the project and to took the opportunity to thank and acknowledge everyones involvement. These parties introduced me to the world of networking and showed me the importance of creating a strong relationship with the clients in order to create an enthusiasm about the project.

On the launch parties I was asked to be photographer for the event, documenting the night. Thankfully I had already seen the venue I would be photographing at, which helped me when planning and preparing the equipment I would need on the night. I had noted it was quite dark so would need to take a flash as a precaution. At first I was a bit cautious about using such intrusive equipment such as DSLR camera and a flash, but after a while my confidence increased and I relaxed into it. I had found ways of approaching the guests at the event so that I wasn’t so off putting with my camera.


DSC_7106 - Copy




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