Professional Practice: Frame_ #3

During the install week there was quite a bit to be done so I made myself available as I could be. Elly (project leader) was relying on myself and the other volunteers to help out as much as possible, because all the works had to be installed throughout the city before the week was out.

Having to work well in a team and be able to organise the team during this week were crucial skills that I feel have really developed due to this task. I was having to remain in constant contact with the rest of the volunteers in order to get the work up in the most efficient way.

I also became very familiar with the process of hanging art work to a gallery standard and became aware to several ways of presenting  and mounting artwork. There were also certain aspects of hanging work up in public spaces that I hadn’t considered before, such as the security of the artwork. All of the pieces had to be insured and in some cases the works were attached to the wall with a lock. The concept of each work was considered and its relevance to the venue it had been exhibited in. And the location of the artwork within the venue itself had to be carefully thought through, as these spaces weren’t typical ‘gallery spaces’ (a white cube) so the work had to fit and work along side the already existing features of the venue.



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