The Physical Artefact




Now I have enough images for this series to be able to play around with I have managed to come up with a sequence I am happy with. A few images haven’t made the final edit as they didn’t fit in but I believe I have managed to create a sequence that communicates my ideas from this project effectively. As well as grouping the images that represent a certain person together I believe the differences in colours help to separate them as well, but I’ve thought carefully about how the images interact with the ones surrounding it so that they do not clash.

As for the physical artefact I see the whole set (displayed above) as being something that can’t really be replicated digitally. Although I have taken a picture of it and uploaded it into this post you can’t really interact with the images in the same way as in an exhibition space. I have left the images small so that the viewer has to step forward to view them individually, creating a closeness that is representational of the intimacy I share with the subjects, but also so that from a distance they can be viewed as a whole. Its as this full set I think you can see the progression I have taken from documenting my relationships with others that leads to an exploration of myself in a similar way.




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