The Digital Artefact Ideas

When thinking of ideas for a digital artefact I thought of ways that could add another layer of meaning to the project I am producing. I also wanted something that could be easily shared and distributed to a wide audience, but also to create something that would improve the understanding of the works provenance. That is why I have chosen to create a photo film that will hopefully provide a clearer understanding of the work.

I thought originally that if I talked about the work whilst the images appeared in a slideshow that might add some clarity to the work, but I quickly went off the idea when I thought of the horizon theory. I want to present the work in a way that enhances my message but don’t want to be to literal about it as it may interfere with what the viewer could bring to the experience, and ultimately lead to another understanding of the work.

So I thought about documenting the origins of the photographs by filming the spaces they were taken in as well as taking audio recordings of the environment as well. I think it will be more of an abstract way of communicating my project but will give a sense of what the images have evolved out of. The rooms that I will film and take recordings from are the intimate spaces I interact with my subjects in. The process in which I work is very organic and I try not to pre-visualise and construct them, but let them be a document of the interactions I have with people in these environments.


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