Project Development

Following on from the last photographic session I did with Sarah I have now done one with my partner Edd. I wanted to take a similar approach looking at all aspects of the environment as well as the body to communicate the level of intimacy I share with the subject. These images are mixture of of portraits of Edd and ones that I consider to be more of a self reflection. I have approached looking at myself and my environment in a similar light.

I chose to use 35mm film for this project as the colour palette is going to be very important when It comes to sequencing the work and it is something I struggle to replicate digitally, as the film seems to capture a richer colour. When I start to consider the ordering of the photographs I want to create a clear distinction between each person, by having separate sections. That is why I have chosen to carry out the session I have done above at a different time of day to the ones I have done previously, so that I can use natural light giving me a different colour temperature. This is something I will consider when constructing the digital artefact as well, as I want each person to be seen as separate chapters in the series.




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