About a week ago I started to photograph an idea I was formulating for the #Picbod exhibition. I hadnt fully thought through a specific outcome of what I was shooting, but as we are gaining closer to the deadline for the exhibition I felt it would be best to run with any initial ideas and experiment.

To start with I was reflecting on themes brought up during the tribe task, looking at the intimate connections between photographer and subject displayed in works by Nan Goldin and Elinor Carucci. I started working within this intimate style to create documentations of relationships with people in my own tribe. Below are a few images mainly looking at my relationship with one person, but rather than just focus on the body as a way of communicating intimacy I have been influenced by Alec Soth to look at the environments to gain a broader understanding of the person and begin telling a narrative of them.

Through discussions with other people on the images I have produced so far I have ideas of how to develop the project. I am editing these down to a few that will make up a set on this particular person and will move on to making a similar set of my partner, with the hopes of creating a series that will convey a stronger, more intimate relationship. Hopefully this will become clear once I can compare the two sets.

I’ve also been considering how I responded to the self portrait task. I discussed the idea that I discover myself by looking at the people that surround me and I feel that I am using this current process of documenting my relationships also as a process of self exploration. As well as documenting other relationships in my life I intend to take the same approach I am currently taking with others onto myself and focussing on my own surroundings.




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