Professional Experience: Day 2 + 3

Over the past two days at Ikon gallery I have been helping out on putting together an exhibition that showcases the work the learning team have been carrying out with their off site projects. The work documents the activities they do with parents and children, ranging from photography projects and children’s drawings.

What I have gained from this experience is being able to see how an exhibition is constructed from the beginning to the end. We started off by brain storming ideas of how to display the works, there were numerous projects and the space was not the largest so at first it was struggle to be able to visualise how it all would fit in and be displayed clearly. After coming up with some initial ideas we had to discuss the logistics of what we were planning with the team that would help construct the technical aspects of the exhibition, to make sure what we had planed would be possible.

I think that these days have been a valuable experience as they have progressed my understanding of how to curate and construct an exhibition from start to finish and this will aide me in the group exhibition me and the rest of my class are currently organising this term.


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