Professional Experience: Videography Day 1

As part of my professional experience I filmed a promotional video for Kevin Charlton’s business ‘Steer Development’, which he will use to sell his training courses into other businesses. Although I am not an experienced videographer I do have basic skills in putting a short video together, so as I felt competent enough to carry out the task I thought it would benefit me to experience working for myself.

Skills I have developed from this experience are;

  • Negotiating with clients – I had to discuss with the client to understand what final product he expected from me.
  • Organisation – Once I had talked to the client I had to organise a time to shoot, a location, the equipment I would need, travel to the location and time on the actual shoot, to make sure everything ran smoothly.
  • Technical – I had to refresh myself with the camera, audio recording equipment and editing software, so that I was capable of working everything on the day of the shoot so that everything ran smoothly.
  • Communication – I think I learned how to conduct myself professionally from this experience.




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