I am interested in how people seem to impose a meaning into their surroundings. This has led me to explore how I as a photographer try to fabricate a meaning out of what I choose to photograph. With this series I have photographed several objects, found within one location, that do not have a particular purpose or relation to one another, but by placing them within my visual language and sequencing them in the way I have it appears as if these objects have gained a meaning. I want the viewer to speculate and to be intrigued, but I don’t want to give them to much guidance, as I’d rather they bring their own experiences to the viewing of the photographs. The viewer therefore becomes active in this process of applying meaning to a found object.

The reason I have placed a photogram next to each photograph is so that the viewer can see the drastic transformation an object can undergo simply by being photographed. I wanted the photogram to act as a reverse to this transformation and appear more of an objective visual representation of the object. My aim with this body of work is to get people thinking about how and why we apply so much meaning to our physical surroundings.


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