FRAME_ is a project funded by the arts council, which aims to bring artworks to new audiences as well as placing art within unconventional contexts. Placing the artworks within locations outside a usual gallery setting means they get to be seen by a whole new host of people, which will hopefully capture the interest of a variety of people. There are several venues throughout Birmingham that have agreed to play host to this project, all of which will display one piece of work at a time. The frames will act as a constant throughout all of the venues, for the 3 months the project will run for, with different artworks filling the frames each month.

I am working as 1 of 7 ‘Venue Liaison Officers’ that will be on call in Birmingham for one day a week. The project is expected to launch on November 16th, so up until this point I will be carrying out tasks to help get things up and running. So far I have helped schedule the installation process and been around to the venues introducing myself to the hosts as well as confirming dates and times for the artworks to be mounted.


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