Security In Your Surroundings

In previous projects I have explored my surroundings, the physical world that surrounds me and how I connect with it. I explored the notion of a home and chose to capture the environments that I felt I had an emotional connection to, in a way that gave tribute to the most mundane everyday object, whether that be a bowl of cereal, a bedroom windowsill cluttered with personal possessions or a heap of clothes on a radiator. Non of which sound particularly interesting or special but I set out to transform them into something special in order to reflect the emotional connection I have with them, which is what helps define a home for me.

I have recently been interested in expanding this project to include other people and how they go about transforming their surroundings to create a secure environment. I feel it is important to identify a home, to establish one. I believe it helps me to function and motivates me to carry out everyday life when travelling to an alien location. When first moving into a new place I feel the need to personalise it (as I am sure is the case with many others) by surrounding myself with objects that I have become familiar with and have applied either an emotion or memory to I begin to build a sense of security and belonging to the physical environment. I think it is a basic human need to make the physical environment you inhabit one that you feel secure in, so that you able to function in your daily life.

I set out to explore if this is the case with others. To create a photographic record of others in their environments and compare the differences and similarities in how people establish a secure environment or whether some people feel the need to establish one more than others.


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