On Location

So far we have been doing workshops using the studio equipment in doors in the studio, but for this workshop we had to use the portable lighting kit to shoot outdoors on location. Although I did not expect it to be vastly different to working in the studio, I found it was as there were several new factors to consider in building the image.

The use of natural light being one of the biggest factors and having to compensate for that. If the natural light keeps on changing we learned that you could put the camera on the aperture priority so that it was the correct exposure for the flashes and the shutter would alter itself for the changing light conditions. Also when shooting on location then it is ideal to have a few people with you to protect the equipment and if photographing in a busy area you need to be aware of how you are affecting the public space.

For the workshop we were photographing at the entrance of a subway. We wanted to balance the light underground so that it was brighter than the natural light.

As you can see from the images above the light inside the subway was considerably darker than the natural light. So we had to take an light reading of the natural light and then adjust the studio light so that it was a few stops brighter, making under the subway brighter than outside.

We also decided on creating another image which would be more dramatic than the one above by photographing under the subway, but only lighting the subject so that the rest of the location would be dark.

We had to use a small light source so that the flash did not light up the whole location so as you can see from the first image we closed the umbrella to create a smaller source of light. We then made the flash several stops brighter than the ambient light reading under the subway, which created the effect where the light looks like it is fading out into black in the background.


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