Creating the Narrative

Now that I am coming to the end of this project I feel I have photographed and curated a decent amount of images to choose from, that now need editing down to make a book. I thought the best way to do this would be to print them all off in a contact sheet, cut them up and lay them out onto a table, to then play around with the ordering of the book.

Firstly, with the opinions of several people, we eliminated any images we thought were not strong enough then grouped together images that worked well together, whether this be for similar shapes, colours or any other factors that were similar.

Now I had got the numbers down they had to be put into an order that would form a narrative. After quite a while of swapping them around and grouping images that worked together I am happy with the sequence of images.

Although there were other photographs that I wanted to include in the final body of work, I had to compromise as they did not fit into the sequence. I believe the final narrative I have created in this PDF of my book Home successfully displays what it is about these places that are uniquely special to me. I have not supplied any extra information in this book, the sequence just takes the viewer through a journey of these locations and hopefully they will understand that these subjects I have chosen to highlight may appear ordinary but are things that I have a personal affiliation with.


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