Another Film Shot

Here are some new photographs I have taken to be part of my current project, of creating a narrative based around my homes. After looking back over my inspirations and work I have already photographed I had a clearer understanding of what I was looking for, so I decided to get on a train and visit home for the weekend to expand this body of work.

Like I always do I was looking out for how the natural light interacted within these indoor spaces, but what I wanted to do was pick out single objects that interested me and turn it into something meaningful by isolating it in the frame. I think what worked from the last group of photographs that I produced for this project was the carefully considered framing and that there was a precise focus on a certain object, which made it into something special.

I was happy with the majority of the photographs from this film and found that I did not have to edit it down to much as I was happy with quite a lot of them. I found that in the past I would usually have a select few from an entire film I would consider successful but after understanding more about pre-visualising and trying to stick by Ansel Adams definition of the term, which is “the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure”, I found that I wont press the shutter of the camera until I am happy in knowing exactly how it will turn out.


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