Studio Lighting Workshop

In this workshop we were faced with 2 tasks, the first of which were to create an image that had a 2 subjects in it, one in the foreground and one in the background out of the room and into the corridor. The two subjects had to be evenly lit with the same exposure, as the corridor was considerably darker that than the studio we had to set up a portable studio light in the corridor. As the light in the corridor could not see the flash to go off in the studio we had to attach a radio trigger to the light outside so that it would sync up to the shutter. After adjusting the studio lights so that the light meter reading was the same in the studio and in the corridor we managed to produce an evenly lit image, displayed below.

What we did not take into consideration was the fact that the exposure settings had a low f-stop meaning we ended up with this shallow depth of field. We quickly overcome this issue by increasing the power of the lights so that both gave a light meter reading at F22, which we then ended up with the result below.

Although the background is slightly out of focus we did manage to create a deeper depth of field. After we accomplished this task we were given the 2nd task of creating a similar image, with two subjects one in the foreground one in the back, but to make it look as if it were taken at nighttime and only illuminating the subjects. To do this we had to take a light meter reading of the ambient light in the room and adjust the studio lights to be several stops brighter than this, but use a smaller light source so that the light does not disperse to much so that it illuminates the entire room. To create a smaller light source we removed the white sheet on the front of the soft box of the studio light. Then after making the lights the same exposure in the front and back of the image but several stops brighter than the ambient light we produced this photograph below.


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