Inspiration: Joanna Ornowska

I have recently blogged about the work I am producing for my current project on homes but have realised I have not mentioned anything about the inspiration I have received in order to produce this work. Not long before photographing the most recent images for my project I had been looking at the work of Joanna Ornowska, a graduate from Coventry University. More specifically I had been drawn to the project on her website titled ‘Awake’, a body of work she had produced during her recovery from Hepatitis C. It is a personal series she produced detailing the world around her during her therapy.

Although part of the series looks at the people in Ornowska’s life that have been affected, she has also capture objects and locations that appear special to her. She wrote in the introductory text of this series that she managed to ‘wake up and see what really matters.’ and you do get a sense that there is something special and meaningful from the world she has captured. It is hard to write down why it is these objects appear special, they just do, they have been transformed by the unique vision Ornowska has of the world.

This work is similar to what I am striving to achieve with my project, by taking those ordinary moments and turning them into something meaningful. After viewing this work I have become powerless to see the world in any other way than the way Ornowska sees it. I realise now that it is similar to what I already saw, I have just become more aware of it and am now better informed of how to capture it.


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