Summer Task

These are the images from a summer task I was set before my course started. We were to record a visual diary that was as intimate and honest as we could make it. At the time I was reading the chapter ‘Intimate Life’ from Charlotte Cottons ‘the photograph as contemporary art’, so was very much influenced by the works mentioned in this book. Even though my set of images are no where near as intimate or controversial as the work of Nan Goldin and Larry Sultan, they had definitely opened my eyes and given me a new perspective on my life and the world around me.

I began to document the aspects of life that other people may over look, the life and environment of my family and capture this new way of seeing that these photographers had lead me to see.

This diary documents the people in my life, their environments and traces of people that I do not even know, but I still noticed there presence they had left behind and chose to capture it. Whether that be the marks splattered across the decking, the possessions observed through a window or the trash discarded on the streets.

Having not seen these images or reflected upon them for several months now there are still those few that seem as if I photographed them yesterday. They evoke memories of a particular location, event or person and I believe that other people, when viewing the images, will bring with them their own memories and experiences. I am sure many people can relate to moments in these photographs such as observing the people on the other side of the platform at the train station or the belongings of someone they know carelessly laid out on their bed.

Although I am sure if I were given this task now (having my first years experiences at university) I could create a stronger project, I would still include a select few of these images into that project. After what I have learnt on my course so far I do not believe that these images work as a series, they are a mis-match of conflicting ideas. They look at the people in my immediate life and the strangers I encounter in day to day life. Perhaps there are a few different projects that could be expanded from this set but as a set there is not a consistent flow to them.

I have to say that I was dreading looking back at this work, I thought I would look back at them and feel a distance with them as if a stranger had taken them but I am pleased with some of them. There are some I would quickly discard but what I have not noticed is that I have been unknowingly carrying on with this project.


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