Letter to self

Before starting on my course at Coventry university I was set a number of tasks, one of which was to write a letter to ourselves in a years time that outlined everything we would like to achieve. Now I am ending my first year it has come the time where I must reflect on this letter and respond to it. My response will come shortly but here is the letter I wrote at the start.


Hello, future me, sorry to bother you but I would like to outline a few things that I hope you have focused on in the previous year. It does not matter if these goals have not been fully achieved, just as long as you are on your way to fulfilling them and that you have been keeping yourself busy doing something other than drinking to much. Well to be honest with you I am not 100% sure what I want to achieve later in life, but is that not normal? Well anyway I best had give you something to work with in the short term or else we may never know where we would like to be in future years and as you probably know we will change our mind several times along the way, as we usually do.

I have always been a tad clueless when it comes to where to take my photography next, so hopefully this course will point me in the right direction and help me to define my style. Maybe one of the many photographers we will study will give me inspiration as to where to point my camera. I already know I have a passion for portrait photography, but maybe in this first year of university I will have gained a clearer understanding as to how to photograph a person and represent them exactly as they are. I hope to take the initiative to explore this area of photography and discover why it is I am so drawn to it. At the moment I am being very narrow minded in what I am researching into in photography, so I want to allow this first year to broaden my interests.

By broadening my interests and knowledge within the realm of photography I hope to explore other avenues I have not previously explored. For example I have recently been looking into the work of Nan Goldin, someone who’s work I have not studied or been particularly interested in before, yet now I find myself captivated by the intimacy of her work and intrigued to explore this style of photography myself. Had it not been for this course I would not have looked as in depth as I have at Goldins work and so in that respect I am in anticipation as to what I will discover throughout this next year.

I find myself limited at the moment, limited by my technical knowledge and knowledge of the theory of photography. I am always looking forward to how much better I can be at something and how to improve. It would terrify me to ever be at a stage where I do not feel I could advance. So I know I will never stop learning but I hope to gain the most from this course so that it gives me a boost in my career as a photographer.


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