Pre-visualisation is an important technique for photographers to learn as Ansel Adams defines it as “the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure”. It gives the photographer the power to create an image that they see rather than what the camera sees. In order to improve my ability I am to carry out a pinhole task of creating my own pinhole and understanding how it works in order to capture images with it.

The pinhole sees the world differently to ourselves. It shows its own representation, it may take seconds or minutes to create an exposure – time in which it has taken the light from its surroundings and transformed it into its own unique perspective.

We all see the world in our own unique way and photographers use their camera to manipulate their surroundings into a world unseen by others. The photographer Matt Mahurin clearly shows his individual vision in his work.



Although Mahurins work may not be ‘technically perfect’, with the subject always sharp, in focus and a perfect range of tones, it successfully shows his way of seeing. Mahurin uses this technique of pre-visualising and transforms the light to represent what he wants, by taking complete control of the camera.


“I photographed things nobody would see unless I photographed them” – Diane Arbus





Another photographer, Diane Arbus, that changes the way we view the world. Photographers that have such a powerful insight have the power to change the audiences perception once they’ve experienced their work. I wasn’t aware of this influence these images have until a lecturer at uni said “you see her exhibition and you come out seeing the world as a Diane Arbus”.

I will post images from my pinhole work shortly.


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