Photographs of Americanisms

After receiving feedback on my previous images and looking at the work of Steven Shore I started photographing. I think I was successful in achieving what I wanted to capture for this project. The images display subjects that have American origins (some photographs include more than others) and it is left up to the viewer to discover them for themselves and interpret them in their own way.

Obviously without any explanation to these photographs the viewer can only understand so much, so when I create my eBook (as mentioned in previous post) I feel I need to give an introduction. I will give a brief summary of the body of work so that they know what subject matter to be searching for, so that hopefully they will go away from viewing these images with a new insight into the American culture in the UK. Hans Georg Gadamer proposed the concept that we use ‘horizons’ to conceptualise understanding. The horizon is the limit to which you can understand, both the artist and viewer have a horizon. So when the audience views the work there is a fusion of the artists and viewers horizons, meaning that they take away a new understandings.

My intentions with the eBook, I am going to create, is to supply the audience with enough information of Americanisms within our own culture so that they go away from the experience with a new understanding of the topic.


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