Considering Audiences

Whilst working on this project about Americanisms in the UK I have been considering who would be the appropriate audience to receive the message I am trying to communicate with this body of work. I believe that my work would be more relate-able to a younger audience and have a bigger impact on them as it touches upon issues that directly affect them. A younger person may not be as aware of the consumer lifestyle they buy into as well as a maturer audience because they have not experienced anything different. I myself have not experienced anything differently so am able to relate to the audience I am targeting, and if I believe this is a topic worth raising then I am sure there are other people of my age that think so as well.

David a 16 year old student from Huddersfield who spends his spare time playing video games and watching television online, is the profile of the typical person I am aiming this project towards. The way in which I choose to present my project has to be in a format that David will easily find. I doubt he will go out of his way to view an exhibition or search for an art book in the library, as there is nothing in his description to suggest his character has an interest in viewing galleries or to read in his spare time. So I have to create an artefact that will find him.

I began to think of how information or news would usually reach a 16 year old and realised the most obvious way would be via social networking sites, as they would class as digital natives. A digital native being “individuals who have grown up immersed in technology, generally born after 1985.” just one definition of many that generally sum up that they are computer literate due to not knowing anything outside the digital era we now live in.

I do not know what would be more effective in reaching this audience through social networking sites, whether it would be through advertisements or wall posts and tweets left by friends. I found from the link below that very few people click on advertisements via Facebook. I think that it would be most effective trying to reach this audience by creating an artefact that can be shared via social networking sites. This has led me to the decision of creating an eBook.

An eBook makes sense as it is something that can be easily viewed, shared and found by digital natives.


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