To further this assignment I took my 35mm film camera to the streets of Birmingham, to capture any American traits that stood out to me. I used a film camera for these images as I think my eye is not as well trained with a digital camera and I appear to not be as conscious of the composition, as can be seen in the initial photographs for assignment 1.  When photographing these Americanisms I intended on restricting the viewer to focus on the individual brands that have originated from the states, in order to create an awareness.

I thought that by including only the one brand in the frame this would cause the viewer to pay more attention to them. At the end of the series I considered creating a grid of all the images (as seen in the last image of the series above) in order to create more of an impact than the individual brand would in each image.

After receiving feedback on these images I was told that the images that did not directly reference a brand were more interesting, and caused the audience to pay more attention to the subjects within the frame. By expanding the frame and not restricting the viewer to one subject I would allow them to explore the location and discover the Americanisms for themselves, which may be more satisfying for them and create a bigger impact than me directly feeding them the message.


One thought on “Americanisms

  1. that one image that Matt singled out as being the most interesting kind of looked as though it was in America. Maybe if you had more images like that and titled them with their actual location it could add more strength to your message. Just a thought

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