Composite – Combing visual elements from several images to create the illusion of one image.

The image above has been created by Idris Khan by taking images from the Becher’s. The piece raises questions similar to the appropriation task (earlier post) about the rights to take others work to create your own. But what Khan has done with this image is to take something and transform it. The physical appearance of the Becher’s images is not the only thing to have been transformed, the very purpose of the body of work has changed. The Becher’s made typologies to create an awareness of these objects, choosing to photograph from an objective view. Whereas Khan has created this abstract visual where the focus is then drawn upon the form and lines of the subject.

Below is my attempt at a composite image. I selected several images of landscapes with a similar straight horizons that intersected along the centre of the image. The brief whilst shooting in France for these images was on history and memory. I see the individual image taken of a location to be the history of the place, once the camera has captured it then it is in the past and is an exact document of its history. A memory of a place is more abstract, it is not always accurate and can be confused with several memories. So for this composite I decided to take the individual photo (the history of a place) and combine it with several other individuals, to create an abstract memory of a place. The combination of these locations has edited the reality and so I have taken the history of each place and combined them to represent the muddled abstract and dreamlike quality of a memory.


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