Tim Davis

I have recently been looking at the work of Tim Davis, as research for my current project on American consumerism. More specifically I have looked at the body of work titled “Retail”. The images below have been selected from this body of work.


Davis photographed retail establishments that have been reflected through the windows of suburban American houses. I thought this body of work was relevant to my current project as it shows how consumerism is currently being imposed upon families within these small towns in America.

So far with this project I have already picked up on the fact that we are partially blind to what we are consuming when it comes to the products that we buy into, as we do not even take notice of the fact that they are American brands. So I can relate to Davis’s observations through this body of work that our lives are being subliminally imposed upon by these retailers.

At this point in my project I have only photographed our ignorance towards the presence of these American brands. But after looking at Tim Davis work I feel that I should look into how consumerism is directly impacting our lives. I am not sure as to how to go about doing this at the moment but I think this is where my project should lead to next.


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