“Stars and Stripes in our eyes”

This article titled “Starts and Stripes in our eyes: What’s so special about the America way?” has led me to realise that our culture is not only unaware of the consumer items America has brought to this country, but there are many other ways in which America has influenced us without us realising.

We seem to have this need for approval from America. Take the movie “The King’s Speech”, according to this article it is a great triumph for this British film to win an oscar because it means we have gained recognition from America. Also there’s the need for British singers to try and tackle America in order to further there career to be seen as more successful such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. The article below supports this idea as it celebrates the fact that Leona Lewis was the first female singer to top the charts in America for more than 20 years.


It seems now even more hypocritical of our culture to think negatively of America when it is obvious that our live’s are not only influenced by American consumerism but we also view America as being this elite platform for success.

I feel that with this project I am working on it is my job to create this awareness of American Culture within our lives so that people are more informed when creating opinions of America.


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