Initial Images for Assignment 1

Our society is filled with American iconography that has become so normal that we no longer acknowledge them. We have accepted and allowed American brands to integrate with own cultural brands yet the research from my presentation for assignment 2 suggests that the majority of our nation view Americans negatively. There seems to be a contradiction between our opinions and our lifestyle that we are not even aware of.

One of the images below is of my sister stood next to her bed, with all of her American branded products laid next to her. Before I gathered all of these items together I asked her what American brands she owns, in which she responded “I don’t own any?”.

This made me realise just how unaware some people are of the American culture and how it has impacted our own. For the other images below I have photographed American symbols (brands) with people visible in the same frame, but clearly not taking notice of them, which represents our blindness towards American consumerism. It shows the power these brands have in our society and how they have successfully avoided that negative association the majority of Britons have towards America.

What I noticed whilst taking these photographs was that even though the logos were not completely visible or clear they were still recognisable and easy to identify. This only confirmed to me the massive impact they have had on our culture. I could have angled the shot differently or re-arranged the subjects in the photographs so that the logos were clearer but I want the audience to realise that these products are so prominent in our lives that we do not even have to see the whole logo to be able to identify them.


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