Google Workshop

For my Google map task I had to visit Livermore, CA with the topic of suburbia. Before searching the location on Google earth I researched into suburban life in Livermore and came across the photographer Bill Owens.

Owens photographed a series of work on suburban life within Livermore. His photographs depict events such as neighbourhood BBQ’s, tupperware parties, PTA meetings and garage sales. As well as photographing events Owens captured mundane scenarios.

“He saw mundane elements of mainstream life as worthy photographic material” – Quote taken from Bill Owens website.

By taking something ordinary and transforming it into something interesting and peculiar, Owens has captured Livermore’s mundane location in a way that is fascinating. This has been done to reflect that even though suburban life may appear dull it is not perceived as being dull to the people that live there. They enjoy the lifestyle of the suburbs and have “realised the American Dream”.

Once I had a look at the work of Bill Owens I attempted to view the location in a similar way. Looking for interesting aspects and everyday activities that google earth has already captured but not focussed upon. The results are below.

By using the images google has already captured I have created new images by re-framing specific aspects of googles photographs. It has eliminated most of the conventions of a google earth photograph so that it is not completely recognisable and by selecting a certain area I have edited the original reality of the image, simply by ignoring everything outside of the frame.

I hope these images I have created reflect an interesting side to the mundane life of suburbia within Livermore.


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