Research Development

After setting out to find research that supported my point that the majority of Britons have a negative impression of America I found the link below.

A global poll which tells you the attitudes countries have towards other countries. The majority of european countries viewed America negatively, but more specifically only 36% of Great Britain expressed a positive attitude towards the United States.

I wanted to understand how Britain had formed this impression so decided to research into the psychology of forming impressions. I contacted several of the psychology staff at Coventry University via email and had several replies saying they were unable to help me as they did not specialise in social psychology. I had a reply from one of the members of staff, who was willing to meet up to discuss the topic, but unfortunately I was unable to set up a meeting before the deadline for this assignment.

However I had managed to gather some first hand research via an email I had sent to a student in their final year of psychology at Northampton University. I have included a quote from her email in my digital presentation.

“By observing the people around them, when someone you admire greatly exposes a particular attitude, you are more likely to develop the same belief.”

Now that I understand we develop impressions by observing people we admire and gain the same belief, I am going to look into what negative impressions of America are being delivered to Britain through the media.


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