New Proposal for Digital Presentation

Originally I set out to explore celebrity obsession and whether this was an American trend that has impacted British society. But after further research I failed to find anything that suggested celebrity obsession was solely an American trend that has been imposed in the UK. Although the research I had done on this topic had led me to another interesting avenue within the topic of “American Culture in the UK”, which was that the majority of Britons views of America were negative. I discovered this after reading an article from the telegraph titled “British anti-Americanism ‘based on misconceptions'”

I was surprised to find out that a majority of Britons had a negative impression of America as our own culture seems to have become Americanised. So I have decided to explore what has lead us to thinking this way of America and look into the psychology  of what makes people form impressions.

Once I have found this out I believe I can begin to understand what has led Britons to form these views.


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