Digital Age

The digital age is the age of information sharing. It is becoming easier and easier to find information almost instantly and this is due to the digital devices that are available today. Our phones no longer have one sole purpose, they can communicate and connect to the rest of the world in numerous ways, as well as store images and music. The reason it is able to do this is because everything is now made up of codes, music used to be stored on vinyl records, images used to be physical prints and facts used to be printed in books but now they have been transformed into codes that can be stored all in one device.

Keitai Girl (above) is a representation of a futuristic human being, an imaginary girl created by Noriko Yamaguchi. She is connected to the world through mobile phone keypads, which are attached all over her body. The reason for the mobile phone device is because it holds a vast amount of information due to the convergence of mediums that exist on the phone. The message Noriko Yamaguchi is saying with Keitai Girl is that we are connected to the world without any physical connection. As Keitai Girl has these keypads attached to her this suggests she wants to be touched and has a longing for physical communication.

The way in which we perceive images in todays society is changing as people are more aware of digital manipulation so the validity of the images we see today are compromised. Everyone has access to a camera and are able to take a decent image without much skill or knowledge of the camera so people begin to question the skill of the image maker. These are ways in which the digital era is affecting photography.

Because of the ease of being able to take a photograph today there has become a blurring between the lines of what a professional and an amateur photographer are. The likelihood of a professional photographer being at the scene of an incident as it happens is heavily outweighed by the likelihood of an amateur photographer having their mobile phone camera on them. So what does this mean for photographers when the general public are acting as photojournalist for the news press? There is becoming less of a need for a professional photographer when the scarcity for a photographer no longer exists.


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