American Culture in the UK

As part of our 151 MC module we are to create a digital presentation, the brief lists several topics, which we had to look into and choose just one. My chosen topic is American culture in the UK.

I was instinctively drawn to the topics that most influence my life, but I chose this topic as I think American culture has the strongest impact on my lifestyle compared to the other given topics. American culture has moulded many aspects of my life from the way in which I choose to present myself to my interests. Many of the shops and restaurants I visit are American, so the culture has affected the clothing I wear as well as the food I eat. It is hard to avoid American culture in day to day life because it surrounds us through the media and in the streets, shops such as McDonalds and Starbucks, which seem to appear on every street corner and so many well known American idols constantly appear on our TV screens.

What impact do these American celebrities have on our society? This is an area I would like to explore in my research, people change their lifestyle based on what they see and hear through the media from diets to fashion trends based on this obsession with celebrities. Is this celebrity obsession another cultural impact America has had on our society? There will be many avenues to explore, within this topic of celebrity obsession, such as what effects does it have on peoples lifestyles and looking into whether certain people are more vulnerable to the messages celebrities communicate to their audience through the media.


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