“Raised on the Web but Liking a Little Ink”

Before reading the article “Raised on the Web but Liking a Little Ink” I had not heard of zines.They are a small magazine, made by hand and only available in small quantities. After reading the article I realised that this media form had something special that the internet could not replace, unlike the mix tape (mentioned in previous post “Traditional Media VS New Media”). It is quite a personal and intimate connection the publishers of these zines have with their readers, as only a small few copies are produced. The internet does not have this intimate quality, neither can it replicate the personal touch each hand made zine has. Zines do not fade away either as easily as online publications and blogs, which are constantly updated and blog posts can easily get lost and forgotten by frequent updates.

Although the internet has not wiped out zines it has influenced the production of them. Malaka Gharib (mentioned in the article) produces zines with the aide of technology, using software to design, social media websites to promote and websites to distribute. It is possibly fair to say that the internet has helped the popularity of zines as it is a refreshing change to the constantly changing blogs and social media websites on the internet as well as being a physical object that can be held and not read off a screen.

In my previous post I mentioned how the internet has transformed older forms of media and I was going to research into what else has been transformed but I should also be aware of what it has failed to change. What forms of media have not been affected by the digital era, if any?

Zines have managed not to be transformed, like the mix tape has or books and newspapers have begun to but it is clear that they have not evaded the digital era. For example the only reason I am aware of them is because of the online article I read and publishers themselves are using technology to publish them such as Malaka Gharib. So is it possible for something not to be affected by the internet?


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