Traditional Media vs New Media

“The mix tape has given way to the playlist, shared with friends and strangers alike through social networks online. A generation has com to expect music to be digitally formatted, often free for the taking, and endlessly shareable and portable.”

Traditional media such as the mix tape in this example is being replaced and redefined by the many new medias that exist today. This quote is just one example of the many traditional medias that could possibly be replaced. Such as books now being available electronically and TV on demand via the internet, both of which can be viewed on alternative devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

I have done some research on the effects ebooks have on publishers and have found an article which can be found here.

Their are advantages publishers have for producing ebooks such as lower costs as most of the production costs such as printing and shipping are cut. But costs have to be spent else where i.e. the production and running of website and programmers. A problem publishers face with this new technology is piracy as ebooks are an electronic file which can be copied and shared, affecting the sales for the publisher.

The internet has clearly made an impact on a range of medias, but what effect has it had on the music industry. This article sums up the internets impact ( Music is easily accessed through multiple devices, whether it be mobile phone, laptop or tablet online meaning there is less of a need to purchase the music when it can be listened to through an online server.

To further my research on this topic I will be looking into the effects the internet has had on other medias, which I will post about shortly.


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