Disability in the Media

Our lecture about how disabilities are shown in the media was a real eye opener to how they can be misrepresented and it became our task to create a photographic montage that tackles this issue.

There are several stereotypes within the media, many of which are quite negative. The ones that I found most unfair were the ones that show people with a disability as pitiful or unable to participate in daily life. I believe that for someone with a disability it may be disrespectful to represent them in these stereotypes, so part of my challenge is to avoid falling into one of these stereotypical categories.

Most of the times when people with disabilities appear in the media it is because of their disability and there is to much of a focus on it, the clip below gives an example of this and falls into the stereotype of not being able to participate in daily life.

So for the montage I created (below), I have tried to represent a person with a disability, not a disabled person. It shows the normal daily routine of someone with an indication towards a disability, being the medication, which could represent a variety of disabilities. I purposely left the disability ambiguous so that it did not focus to much upon it and mixed the action, of holding the medication, amongst other actions that can be related to, such as having a wash at the sink. I believe this image displays a positive representation of a disability as it does not exclude people with disabilities from society, its instead an image people will hopefully be able to relate to.


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