Wunderkammer translates as Cabinet of Curiosities and was the title of the exhibition I went to at the Trove gallery in Birmingham. It is a touring exhibition visiting places such as Franklin Furnace in New York and the Clarke Gallery in Berlin, featuring pieces from sixteen artists. The different pieces are of different art forms ranging from sculptures, photographs to paintings and other forms. All the pieces have been selected so that they can fit within a hand-luggage size Wunderkammer and are accompanied by labels written by each artist.

When entering the exhibition we were greeted with a letter explaining the Wunderkammer exhibition, a list of the art works and a little torch. At first I was slightly confused as to why we were given these things but once viewing the art works I realised just how essential they were. The room appeared to look like a large abandoned warehouse and had been purposely dully lit, which is where the torch came in useful, as the labels describing each piece were quite small. I enjoyed looking around the exhibition as it felt like a treasure hunt in a way, being sent off with a list of objects, which were placed around this large room. It was interesting to try and discover the individual significance of each object and I do not know if this was intentional but I began to become more aware of every object in the room and wondered whether these had any significance that belonged to the Wunderkammer.

I found the way the objects were lay out very interesting, some were placed very low down so that you had to crouch to view them. I felt like this was an attempt to draw the viewer in more and cause them to concentrate solely on this piece, making it more of an intimate interaction between the piece of art and viewer.


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