Assignment 1 Summary

“Are you in Harmony or in conflict with the social structure that you are a part of?”

This is the question I have been attempting to answer with my final set of images for this assignment. At first I had to figure out whether I was in harmony or not but the answer became clear once reviewing each shoot. I must be at harmony if these people are opening up to me and presenting themselves in the way they have in front of me and the camera.

Hopefully these images are relatable to the viewer and that they see people from their own social structures in the same light. My images are a representation to the relationships I have with these people and I want the viewer to become immersed into these lives. By having a close relationship I have a unique insight into these peoples lives that are not viewable to outsiders, which is what I am trying to display with these photographs.

I have edited down all the images I have taken for this assignment and selected the 10 below to be submitted as my portfolio.

I have only included 3 people in this final selection, as it is only 10 images and I do not think it would be as effective with more people because there would not be a strong a focus on the people I have included. When you view them as a sequence you can see that I have grouped the images of the same people together, this way you can focus on one person at a time rather than having your attention continuously flicking from person to person.

I am please with my response to the brief as I believe my final set of photographs answered the question at the beginning of this post. I think if I were to produce a larger portfolio than just the 10 images then I could begin to delve deeper into these peoples lives by photographing all aspects of their lives, but with 10 images I have only just begun to touch upon the stories of these peoples lives.


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