Project Development

So far for my assignment I have been photographing people within my own social structure in a way that shows I am in harmony with them. I have attempted to do this by photographing them in intimate situations and by capturing the side of there lives that would not be seen from an outsiders perspective. The images below are a few examples of what I have so far.

I do believe that these photographs achieve what I wanted and have an intimate connection but I feel like the images are limited in showing you their lives. If I were to submit these images alone I do not feel they would immerse the viewer into their lives, which is something Danny Lyons managed to do with “The Bikeriders” and is what I would like to achieve with this assignment.

There are a few images I have taken that I believe begin to tell a narrative to these peoples lives, such as the ones below.

I think that if I placed these sort of images amongst the first lot of images I showed you then it would become more obvious that I want to invite you into these peoples lives and share the relationships I have with them.

By including the subjects environment in the frame and capturing them in motion, like in the images above, I have begun telling a story about these people through a single image. The blurred effect I have used in the image above is a style Duane Michals uses in his own images to tell a narrative. Capturing them in motion represents a period of time passing, which suggests there is more to be told with the image.

I need to take more images now that capture moments from peoples everyday lives to put into my final set of images, so that it becomes more obvious that I am trying to immerse the viewer in their lives.



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